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places i what to visit someday?

Italian Republic European Union, the Italian capital,
Rome. has been for
centuries the political and cultural center.
. and also the
holy city to the Catholic Church, for within the city is the microstate
of Vatican, Major cities are
Milan, center of finance and industry,
Rome, Naples yTurín, Italy is a
democratic republic. part of the G8 or Group of Eight
most industrialized nations of the world and is a developed country
with a high quality of life, found in 2005 among the
top eight of the World.

The Italian climate, although it has Mediterranean character, has significant
regional variations. First, due
to its considerable extent in latitude: Milan annual
average of 23 ° C in July and -0.6 °
C in January, while
in Palermo, such means are of 24 and 13
° C, respectively. The wettest place
in the country is the province of
Udine in the northeast, with 1,530 mm, and conversely, the place is less precipitation in
the southern region of Apulia, in the province of Foggia and the south of Sicily. with approximately 460
mm. You can differentiate
the country into three climatic regions:
Mediterranean climate in southern
Italy, with hot summers exceeding 30 ° C,
the plains of the Po river, where the winter is very cold in northern
countries and the Alps, and the
Apennines, with cold weather
and heavy rainfall.
In winter it is necessary to wear warm clothing, but
not too much, because the winters are mild in
Italy. It is also advisable for
an umbrella or raincoat if any precipitation.

A good shoe, comfortable and breathable is essential, as it will
go great distances to visit the city.

Get a passport.
All passport and visa regulations can vary, depending on the
place of origin before traveling to Italy. Start the application
process at least 6 months in
advance, it is advisable to
contact the Embassy or Consulate of Italy in your country before planning your trip.
Validity of the passport
Anyone visiting Italy, you should take note that your passport is valid for three months, except those countries that are within the Schengen Agreement of traveling
with ID card or valid travel
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