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places i what to visit someday?

Walt Disney World or Disney
World is a recreational resort famous for its
theme parks and numerous hotels.
The complex is operated by a division of Disney, which
owns. It is located in the Lake
Buena Vista and Bay
Lake in Florida, outside
the city limits of Orlando.
A common mistake is to think that the resort is located within the city of Orlando, Florida. Actually,
all full ownership of Walt
Disney World Resort is located outside the city
limits, most of the land is
between southwestern Orange County and Osceola
County to the south.
The complex has 4 theme parks, each
represented by a symbol usually
located in the middle of each park:
Magic Kingdom
Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom
The subtropical climate of Florida
is a hot climate where
the sun out and
the right temperature throughout the
year. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are periods of colder temperatures, but soft.
Snowfall in this state are strange and rare. Eye in the
summer, as is also frequent torrential
rains and storms. The best time to visit Florida
is the spring, between
March and June, because June starts from
the time of afternoon thunderstorms.
You will wear a summer dress and some comfortable
walking nike.
Here are some pictures hints.

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